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Made in China, They are very good and very cheap!  
The prices of temperature indicating labe
ls less than half the cost of the American equivalent. USA or Europe ! 
 There is a great opportunity for wholesaler and sales campaign!   We also welcome cooperate to make our temperature indicating labels in you or other country!

Our products have the unique function of indicating and recording temperature and it has a lot of advantages that many other apparatuses donít have, such as no need of power and wire, small size, having the function of recording the temperature, easy to operate, easy to observe, low cost and so on. Moreover, it has pressure sensitive adhesive, formed as tag. It could be stuck on the cover of Conducting Electricity in Bus-bar Groove tie-in, knife-switch, transformer casing, etc. which need to be measured the temperature directly, to measure the temperature. Once exceeding the nominated temperature, the indicative windows would show the temperature number immediately or change color from white to red, black, green or yellow and so on (the normal temperature are 50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85,100,120 and so on). The whole process is discontinues. Further, the contrast of color is so strong that you could find the hidden trouble easily.

Where the temperature is increasing and the nominated temperature is exceeded, the labels would change color obviously. Take YDX678 type label, which has three showing windows, as an example, when the temperature is below 60 degree Celsius, all three windows are white. Once the temperature reaches 60 degree Celsius, the first window would change to black and other two windows are still white. If the temperature increases to 70 degree Celsius, the second window would change to green and the third one is still white. When it reaches 80 degree Celsius, the third one would turn to red. Then, all the three have changed to black, green and red.

After exceeding nominated temperature, the labels would remain the changed color forever, and when the temperature decrease, it would not recover to white, keeping the record state. Besides, it has three expression states and reverse function, that is to say, before exceeding the nominated temperature it is white; after exceeding this temperature, it would change color; when turn back to normal temperature, the color could change to the mid color. For example, red would turn back to pink and black would turn back to grey. If exceeding again, the color would change to former fresh color, so it could be used many times to reduce the cost. It could offer great help for judging whether the current temperature is exceeding the nominated temperature.

The temperature labels have serious types and sizes. Some types have normal glisten function, partly have enhanced glisten function. Take Temperature number glisten type as an example, it use recursive directional glisten material, when you use flashlight, it is just like a small mirror to reflect light. The effect is just the same with the signs in high way. Thus, it is convenient to check trouble parts under weak light in far distance.

Some types have red, green and yellow signs, which represent the three phase sequence in  electric power. It could be used to indicate the A, B and C phase sequence of electrical source. So it has the functions of measuring temperature and indicating the phase sequence.

Note, the stick part should be clean; touching is forbidden in measuring process. When testing product, please do not burn and bake it by fire directly to prevent from transforming. It only needs you to check if the labelsí color changed during normal work and is not necessary to observe it for a long time. These products are initiated by our company. The temperature error is 1~2 degrees Celsius. And the operation life of our label is 3 years indoors and 2 years outdoors in normal environment. For detail introduction, please see other materials including introduction attention and so on. Call us or send us letter right now, you could get free material and probational samples.





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