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to keep foods during transport,    size: many size or type!

The Thaw indicators (labels) are Irreversible and can record Thaw temperature exceeded. They enable the receiver of the goods to check out whether a certain temperature has been exceeded during transport or not.

The Thaw indicators have some kinds of active mechanism, before used, they stay in not activated state(not ready to change color). When the Thaw indicators get ready to record temperature changing in transport or other situation(the indicator need to be activated). The activation of the thaw indicator is rather easy for everyone to handle and will just cost 1~2 second to finish. These indicators are small and cheap, and could  change color clearly and in high precision.

The THAW Indicators are one of the 0new Inventions invented by our YDX Institute, they may be using to ship foods, to record the temperature. Once, They have been activated, as long as the environment temperature the indicator detected exceeds the thaw temperature, the Thaw indicator will change color to red (or any other color you specify).

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 Cold Mark Temperature Indicators of frozen temperature

The new product developed by BEIJING YADONGXING M&E TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE - one kind of indicator of frozen temperature of supervision damage reliable partner is seeked in  about to further enlargement and the popularization , and can keep on being checked on during transport.

Having had it, you can know whether or not the product is exposed once under the temperature of damage in transportation or the course stored .

The frozen temperature indicator can detect the environment (the object it attached on) whether is in under 32℉/0℃ or not. Air bubble is used for the observer to check. The frozen temperature indicator provides one kind of strategy and achievement to success rising the value of benefit of our customers , and provides one kind of proofs to ensure your customers that your product's quality is fine.

How the frozen temperature indicator work:

The coloured liquid in the indicator is flowing as the air bubble in it could move freely. When the indicator be exposed below reaction temperature 32 ℉s /0 ℃, the liquid freezed and the air bubble stop to move any more. Specially, when it is exposed to the safe temperature over 32℉/0℃ again, the liquid still stay freezed and the air bubble cannot move. This scene is irreversible!

The applicability :

Vaccine,bacterin storageDrug and blood product.

Foodstuff, film product:

The size dimension :  6.5cm*1.5cm*0.6cm

The indicator stores in the environment over the reaction temperature 32 ℉s /0 ℃ . 

Uses the frozen temperature indicator to supervise the refrigeration state :

Many product' quality influences by the low temperature, then they can not stay in  the temperature lower than 32 ℉s /0 ℃. Our indicators could help you detect the product condition.

Simply tearing the pad one the indicator back , and attached it on certain dry surface , you can put this indicator at the interior or the outward appearance of the container during transportation. The frozen temperature indicator is a convenient tool.

Apply the frozen temperature indicator, you can ensure the quality of product and let your customer satisfy.


We are developing the thaw indicator to other type,  they will be more and more cheap. Welcome you tell your kind suggestions to me.  Please contact US.





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